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Want a fast custom ride or just repair work done... 



Stoner's One Off Customs was started in April of 2013 by Dan Stoner. Since the age of 13 Dan has known exactly what he wanted to make a career out of doing. He first discovered his passion for cars the summer he had his first job at his uncles hot rod shop. From that day on he has worked hard to become the best in the business. His grandfather, an auto shop owner himself, and his father, also a mechanic, taught him everything he needs to know about automobiles including the performance aspect of cars and trucks, along with basic to advanced auto repair. Dans father who was a mechanic for 25+ years says, "Dan has always wanted to learn so he can improve his skills, better himself as a person, and give customers better quality." Today, Dan is the proud owner of his own shop in Ventura California turning it into the ultimate one stop shop for all cars, trucks, and hot rods.